Core Identity Elements

Yale’s core graphic identity elements are simple to implement and few in number. While the various communications media call for adjustments and additional elements, the core elements remain constant: use the Yale logo, use the Yale typeface, use Yale blue, describe how your unit fits into the University. Your Yale branding needs are met by employing the core identity elements; effective communications will be achieved by focusing your resources upon excellent graphic and user-experience design.

Yale Logo and Wordmarks

All Yale’s schools and units use the Yale logo and wordmarks.

Guidelines for logos and wordmarks
the Yale logo in dark blue on a light gray background

Yale Typefaces

Learn about Yale’s proprietary typeface and additional recommended fonts for digital and print communications.

Guidelines for typefaces
Yale typeface

Yale Colors

Explore the iconic Yale Blue and a palette of effective accent colors.

Guidelines for colors
Yale colors

Do you need guidance?

The Office of the University Printer oversees Yale’s visual identity guidelines and is available to assist you.

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