The following guidelines use key elements from the university’s visual identity to help establish a consistent look for Yale videos. For questions about these standards, please contact the Office of Public Affairs & Communications at

Lower Thirds

For naming interview subjects in lower thirds, use the following styles:

Example of how to name interview subjects as described in page content.

Mallory Light. 60 pt. for names, 32 pt. for job titles. 4% tracking for both. Be sure any hanging letters (g, y, etc.) in the name text do not touch the job title text. 

The university has a license to use the Mallory font in Yale’s digital space. Please contact the Office of the University Printer (203-432-9217) to learn more.

A black box at 85% opacity.

The lower third should be placed on the opposite side of where the interview subject is on the screen. Additionally, the black box should be aligned with Title/Action Safe Zone lines as presented in the editing software.

Example of how to name interview subjects as described in page content.

This ensures all lower thirds appear at the same level across all videos.

End Page

At the end of each video, use the following approach to denote the origin of the video:

Example of Office of Public Affairs and Communications end page graphic.

Other videos can use their own slates in this style, or may use this general slate:

Example of a general Yale end page graphic.

It is good practice to include a fade-to-black after this page and 2-3 seconds of a black screen.

To download the official Yale font and logo shown in these examples, please visit our Downloads page.

The Yale Bug

The Yale bug appears in the entirety of every video until the end page. This is a .png/.jpg with the same ratio as the videos, so editors can place it on top of the video without adjusting it and it will appear at the same place in every video. Here is a screenshot of the bug in a finished project:

Example of Yale Bug placement as described in the content.

The Yale Bug should fade out or cut off to the end page in the same style as the final clip.

Video with bug at 1:27 fading out at the same rate as the final clip
Video with bug at 2:41 disappearing in the same hard cut as the final clip

Download a .png file of the Yale bug to use in your video project. 
Note: The bug in this file is located in the upper right corner on a transparent background.


To comply with the university’s accessibility policy, all Yale videos must have closed-captioning capability. These can be turned on and off at the discretion of the viewer on uploads to Facebook and YouTube. These should be in a plain text (.txt or .srt .txt) format for uploading to YouTube and Facebook. YouTube can automatically create captions that can then be edited and downloaded in plain text format. 


Videos must only use music for which they have all necessary permissions. Copyrighted music may not be used in any Yale video without permission from the creator. Many websites and musicians supply high-quality music without copyright for use in any video, for free, for free with accreditation, or for a small fee. For more information, please contact the Office of Public Affairs & Communications at