Mobile Apps

The following information is intended to help guide the use of Yale’s visual identity within a mobile application environment. Questions regarding these standards may be directed to New mobile app icons (launcher icons) and launch screens (splash screens) should be designed in consultation with the Office of the University Printer. While some legacy apps may not follow these guidelines, all new apps are expected to adhere.

For app development questions, please email

Institutional apps

These applications serve or represent official programs and functions of the university. They are generally developed and maintained by Yale staff and are published under the official Yale University accounts on app stores. Examples: Yale Mobile, Yale Dining.

Institutional app icon and splash screen

Yale Virtual Campus Tour app icon and example splash screen

Institutional app icon

The app icon for this category should prominently display the Yale typeface “Y” in the center of their icons. The background reflects the content and character of the app. The “Y” must remain visible and its permutations are not permitted. For correct shape/size/placement, download the provided institutional app template.

Institutional launch screen

The launch screen displays the school logo in the center or the Yale College wordmark for residential colleges. The background is generally a solid Yale Blue.

Yale schools and residential colleges apps

These are applications that officially represent the schools and residential colleges of the university.

Pauli Murray College app icon and splash screen examples

Hypothetical Pauli Murray College shield app icon

Schools and residential colleges app icons

The app icon for this category features a full-color rendition of the coat of arms of the school or college, positioned and scaled according to established guidelines.

Schools and residential colleges app launch screen 

The launch screen displays the Yale logo or a Yale wordmark in the center. The background is generally a solid Yale Blue.

For correct size/placement, download the provided template for schools and residential colleges.

Yale Athletics apps

These applications support the activities of the Yale Athletics department.

Athletics app template

Yale Athletics mobile icon template

Athletics app icons employ a simple slab-serif “Y” designed
 by Jonathan Corum. The Y-Dog may be used inside apps, but it is not used as an element of the app icon because its visual complexity precludes clearly depicting the featured sport. These apps will generally employ recognized equipment or other “indexical” aspects of the game at hand.

For correct shape/size/placement, download the template for Yale Athletics apps.

Other Yale-related apps

These apps serve the programs or functions of a specifically sanctioned university unit or project. This category includes research apps that support the work of a university lab and digital versions of existing Yale print publications. Examples: A Handbook on Faith and Money, Yale Admissions Campus Tour, Yale FDCE Community.

Yale Pharmacy and Yale Slavery Walking Tour app icons

Yale Health Pharmacy and Yale Tour: History of Slavery app icons

App icons for this category display the Yale “Y” on the shield shape in the top middle of their icons in accord with established visual guidelines. The field of the icon reflects the content and character of the app. The “Y” must remain visible.

For correct shape/size/placement, download the template for other Yale apps.


The Yale and “Y” logos are the only logos permitted for Yale institutional apps and other Yale-related apps. Yale institutional apps can, with the approval of the Office of the University Printer, use the wordmarks of their associated Yale entities.

The Yale logo is set in a modified version of the Yale typeface and should never be “typed” out. It should never be placed adjacent to other logos or combined with other designs to form a new or hybrid logo. The standard colors for the Yale logo are Yale Blue set against a white or light gray background or white set against a dark background. The logo may also be black or dark gray if it is set against a light background.

“About” screen

All Yale apps should include an About screen preferably linked from the main menu or by displaying an info (“i”) icon in the header area. This screen should display information about app ownership, copyright, and how to submit feedback. It should also include links to Yale’s privacy policy and the following accessibility link/statement:

Yale is committed to making its digital resources accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you require assistance or wish to report an issue related to the accessibility of any content in this app, please email”