Email Signatures

We offer a few variations of both full and condensed options for your Yale email signature. Simply copy and paste from this template into the signature file in your email client and add your personal information. See samples on this page for a completed email signature.

General guidance

  • Multiple job titles and/or departments can be separated by line breaks.
  • Use only official Yale websites and social media pages/handles in hyperlink area.
  • In order to ensure accessibility, please refrain from using background images, colors, or icons.
  • Only include contact information relevant to your position (your personal cell phone is permitted).

Web-safe template specifications

Set in 10.5 pt Georgia
Color HEX 00356b R0 G53 B107

Set in 10 pt Verdana
Color HEX 00356b R0 G53 B107

Full signature options

Email signatures full versions

Condensed signature options

Condensed email signatures


Example email signatures with dummy text